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Before We Say "Goodnight" teaches parents how to tell bedtime stories about their life experiences and family history to their children. Parents want to build closer relationships with their kids, but with the hustle and bustle of family schedules where is the time? In Before We Say “Goodnight” parents will discover an easy-to-learn three-step method for turning their life experiences and those of their family into great bedtime stories, all without notes or memorization.

Best of all, they will make bedtime one of the happiest parts of the day.

We live in challenging times. Our daily lives as parents can be complex, demanding and sometimes wildly busy. Allow me to make three assumptions we likely share. We love our kids, we have a story to tell and we want to pass it on to them.

Passing wisdom and experience from generation to generation is at the very heart of good storytelling as well as parenting. If you want to deepen your relationship with your kids and are willing to invest a few minutes a day in doing so, you ve come to the right place.

I know how to tell bedtime stories and have been doing so nightly with my three kids for over a decade. This book will show you how and why to tell the stories of your life and family to your children or grandchildren. Each chapter shares insights and techniques that I have developed in my own storytelling and is followed by stories that I have told to my children.

Telling stories will bring you closer to your kids and open up your communication with them as they grow older. And if you re like me, that s something you want. Take a look at the first chapter and you'll get a good idea of where we re headed.

Before We Say Goodnight will show you how to tell great bedtime stories to your children, which they will never forget. I'm not talking about reading them a story, though that's a good idea. I'm talking about telling them the stories of your life and family, one night at a time.

Intimidating, impossible, boring, you say? Well, it is possible, a lot of fun and you can do it.

As you'll see throughout the book, there are many benefits to doing so. You'll improve their vocabulary, listening and comprehension skills, for instance, and you'll do it without even trying.

But don't feel that you have to tell a story every night. That's entirely up to you. In this book, you ll discover an easy-to-learn three-step method to turn your life experiences, and those of your family, into great bedtime stories. You'll also discover the many reasons why telling bedtime stories can be a terrific part of your life with your children. Rest assured, this book is not about telling one long and endlessly dull story of your family history. It's about how to tell new and entertaining stories each night, in any order you want, about your life and family experiences. You'll learn why you ll never run out of stories to tell, using Story Prompting, a technique I invented for my own storytelling. This method requires no notes or preparation and is easy to learn. Once you ve read Before We Say Goodnight, it can be used as a helpful reference or shared with family and friends, for their own storytelling adventures.

Tell your stories. Your kids want to hear them.


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